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19 September 2012

Origami Motherload 2

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Origami Motherload 2
English | 321 Ebooks | PDF | 5.93 GB

This was initially ment to be a filler for my previous upload Origami Motherload (I will from now on refer to it as Origami Motherload 1), turns out there are more books in my "filler" so let's call this "Origami Motherload 2" The ebooks are mostly in PDF format, and although I'd say most are in english, a lot are in various languages, but the symbols for folding are international so you should be able to follow the diagrams regardles.

First I'll start with some covers of a few of the books I fancy in particular (and has nice covers):
For fun..:

List of books:
Akira Yoshizawa - Antologia di Origami Animal [spanish].pdf
Akira Yoshizawa - Living Origami Nature [japanese].pdf
Akira Yoshizawa - Origami viventi [japanese].pdf
David Mitchell - Paper Crystals.pdf
David Mitchell - Sticky Note Origami - 25 Designs to Make at Your Desk [1843402270].pdf
Didier Boursin - Advanced origami.pdf
Didier Boursin - Le Livre De L'Origami [POOR QUALITY] [french].pdf
Didier Boursin - Le pliage de serviettes.pdf
Duy Nguyen - Jungle Animal Origami.pdf
Duy Nguyen - Monster_Origami.pdf
Duy Nguyen - Mythical Creature Origami (Revised).pdf
Exotic Paper Airplanes [Thay Yang].pdf
Fernando Gilgado Gomez - Crear Y Jugar Con Papiroflexia Dinosaurio - Segundo.pdf
Fernando Gilgado Gomez - Monstruos De Papel [Spanish].pdf
Fumiaki Kawahata - Imaginary animals world origami [japanese].pdf
Fumiaki Kawahata - Origami Beetles of the World [japanese].pdf
Hiromi Hajashi - Flowers 1 [japanese].pdf
Hiromi Hajashi - Flowers 2 [japanese].pdf
John Montroll - Animal_Origami_Adventure.pdf
John Montroll - Bringing Origami to Life.pdf
John Montroll - Bugs And Birds In Origami (gnv64).pdf
John Montroll - Christmas Origami.pdf
John Montroll - Easy Christmas Origami.pdf
John Montroll - Fun with Easy Origami (32 Projects and 24 Sheets of Origami Paper).pdf
John Montroll - Prehistoric Origami [full].pdf
John Montroll - Storytime Origami [poor quality photo].pdf
John Montroll and Robert Lang - Origami_Under_The_Sea.pdf
Kunihiko Kasahara - Amazing Origami.pdf
Kunihiko Kasahara - Papiroflexia Creativa [spanish].pdf
Meenakshi Mukerji - Marvelous Modular Origami.pdf
Meenakshi Mukerji - Origami Inspirations.pdf
Michael G Lafosse - A Kid's Guide to Making Origami Christmas Decortations.pdf
Michael G Lafosse - Advanced Origami An Artists Guide to Performances in Paper.pdf
Michael G Lafosse - Origami Butterflies.pdf
Miyuki Kawamura - Formas Geometricas (japanese).pdf
Miyuki Kawamura - Origami Modular (japanese).pdf
Nick Robinson - Adult Origami.pdf
Nick Robinson - Apprendre et crer [french].pdf
Nick Robinson - Origami Kit for Dummies.pdf
Nick Robinson - The Origami Bible - A Practical Guide to the Art of Paper Folding [1581805179].pdf
Paul Jackson - Advanced Championship Paper Planes.pdf
Paul Jackson - Classic Origami.pdf
Paul Jackson - Festive folding.pdf
Paul Jackson - Step-By-Step Origami.pdf
Paul Jackson - The Complete Origami Course [0831727926].pdf
Steve and Megumi Biddle - Essential Origami-How To Build Dozens of Models from Just 10 Easy Bases.PDF
Steve and Megumi Biddle - The New Origami.pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Hako Baraetei - Variety boxes (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Kobako ni tsumeru junikagetsu Akifuyu - zakka ten 4 (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Kurashi o irodoru origami no okurimono - Origami Gifts to Brighten Your Life - 1997 (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Kurashi o irodoru rakuraku no origami (Easy Origami to enliven your life) (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Kurashi o irodoru yuyu no origami (Fun origami to enliven your life) (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Kusudama Flower Ball 2 (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Kusudama origami (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Lets Play (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Manpuku Box - Boxes within boxes (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Motif Pattern of Origami - Origami Tsukuru (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - New boxes (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - New Kusudama Origami (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Origami Gift Boxes (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Origami Iremono Iro Iro (Cajas raras y flores) (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Origami Kurashi no Komono (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Origami Modular 2 (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Origami Quilts [english].pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Unit Origami Essence (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Unit Origami Fantasy (v2) (japanese).pdf
Tomoko Fuse - Unit Origami Wonderland (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Cute Origami (Origami baraeti) (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Nihon Mukashi Banashi - Origami of japanese legends (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Origami Airplanes e Automobiles (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Origami Animals (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Origami Architectures (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Origami Dinosaurs (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Origami Dogs (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Origami Dogs (scan 1) (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Origami Flower Ball (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Origami Flowers 4 (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Origami Vehicles (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Origami Vehicles 2 (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Wheels (japanese).pdf
Yoshihide Momotani - Winter flowers of origami (japanese).pdf
4 Esquinas No.2 - Revista Lationamericana Origami [Spanish].pdf
Ajedrez y Origami [Spanish].pdf
Albertino Lionel - Le panier fleuri [french].pdf
Anne Akers Johnson - The Buck Book All Sorts of Things to do with a Dollar Bill.pdf
Annemarie Van Vugt - Fleurige origamikaarten [dutch].pdf
Artur Biernacki - Origami Made in Poland.PDF
Ayako Brodek - Origami Jewelry.pdf
Brunnen Reihe - Faltarbeiten [german].pdf
Chris Alexander - Sort-of-Difficult Origami.pdf
Coleccion de aves acuaticas de Yoshio Tsuda [japanese].pdf
E. Richard Churchill - Fabulous Paper Airplanes.djvu
Emma Callery - The Encyclopedia of Origami and Papercraft techniques.pdf
Eric joisel - Magician of Origami.pdf
Everdien Tiggelaar - Origami - Die Kunst des Faltens [german].pdf
Falken Verlag - Origami Tierwelt [german].pdf
Flower Origami - Hana no origami (2000) [4416300069] (japanese).pdf
Francis Ow - Origami Hearts.pdf
Gabriel Alvares - El libro de las mascaras de papel plegado [spanish].pdf
Glaucia Lombardi - Animais Brasileiros [spanish].pdf
Halle - Cartoon Origami 3 [spanish].pdf
Irmgard Kneibler - Origami PapierFalten [german].pdf
Issei Yoshino - Issei's Super Complex Origami (Japanese).pdf
James Minoru Sakoda - Origami Flowers.pdf
JC Nolan - Awesome Origami - Vol1.pdf
Jeff Beynon - Booklet 44 Multiplication.pdf
Jeremy Shafer - Origami Ooh La la - Action Origami for Performance and Play.pdf
Jose Ulldemolins - Famous Aircraft In Origami.pdf
Keiji Kitamura - Origami Treasure Chest.pdf
Kim Reygate - Tea Bag Folded Greeting Cards.pdf
Klutz Guide - Fold Real Money Into Real Cool Origami.pdf
Kreativ Origami - Home Decoration 2 (hungarian).pdf
Kricskovics Zsuzsanna - Gyerekorigami (dutch).pdf
Lew Rozelle - Origami Ornaments.pdf
Lukyanov Andrey - Love Origami book2.pdf
Mariko Kubo - Hana no kusudama [japanese].pdf
Mario Adrados Netto e J Anbal Voyer Iniesta - Seres de ficcin - El lado oscuro de la papirof [spanish] [scan].pdf
Mario Adrados Netto e J Anbal Voyer Iniesta - Seres de ficcin - El lado oscuro de la papirof [spanish] [virtual].pdf
Nicolas Terry - Licence to Fold.pdf
NOA 172 (japanese).pdf
NOA 173 (japanese).pdf
NOA 200 (japanese).pdf
NOA 232 (japanese).pdf
Origami Grands Pliages D'Animaux-Thierry Testa [french].PDF
Origami to Give Decorate and Enjoy 110 Small Lovely Things for Four Seasons - oku
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