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19 September 2012

JeppView Cycle v1121 IFR Full world/VFR Europe (2011/ENG)

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JeppView Cycle v1121 IFR Full world/VFR Europe (2011/ENG)
JeppView Cycle v1121 IFR Full world/VFR Europe | 2011 | ENG | 1.27 GB

Updates navigational databases for JeppView and FliteStar.

044BL12081 Full Worldwide
044BI12082 VFR - Europe
044BL12083 Africa
044BL12095 Africa - Military Supplement
044GB12064 Alaska
044BF12089 Americas - Military Supplement
044BL12082 Atlantic Special Manual Trans Atlantic
044BL12092 Australasia
044BD12088 Australia
044BI12087 Austria
044BC12095 Brazil
044BB12092 Canada
044BJ12092 Canada - East
044KB12064 Canada - West
044BB12080 Canada - West / Alaska
044BJ12080 Canada-Alaska
044BK12092 Caribbean
044BA12087 Central Europe
044BI12081 China
044BI12080 Eastern Europe
044BA12092 Eastern Europe Special Manual
044BA12092 Eastern Europe Special Manual
044BE12091 Europe
044BE12087 Europe Military
044BI12083 Europe-Mediterranean
044BD12080 Far East
044BA12083 France
044BI12095 Germany
044BD12092 Hawaii
044BC12094 India
044BM12083 Italy
044BK12080 Latin America
044BC12092 Mexico
044BK12082 Middle East and South Asia
044BK12094 Middle East and South Asia - Military Supplement
044BE12095 North Sea
044BE12083 Northern Europe
044BK12095 Northern South America
044BL12080 Pacific Basin
044BA12091 Scandinavia
044BD12095 South Africa
044BK12083 South America
044BC12083 Southern South America
044BM12095 Spain
044BC12080 U.S. Ports of Entry (Latin America Supplement)
044BJ12081 USA - 48 States
044BB12081 USA - Central
044BB12089 USA - Central & West
044BB12093 USA - East
044BJ12093 USA - East & Central
044BN12093 USA - Great Lakes
044BB12085 USA - High Performance 4000
044BF12093 USA - North Central
044BJ12085 USA - North Central & Great Lakes
044KB12077 USA - Northeast
044GF12065 USA - Northwest
044BN12081 USA - South Central
044GB12077 USA - Southeast
044BF12085 USA - Southeast & South Central
044KF12065 USA - Southwest
044BF12081 USA - West
044BA12095 United Kingdom & Ireland
044KA12078 VFR - Austria
044GA12078 VFR - Belgium and Luxembourg
044BA12094 VFR - Central Europe
044GI12078 VFR - Croatia
044KA12094 VFR - Czech Republic
044KA12074 VFR - Denmark
044BI12094 VFR - Eastern Europe
044GA12074 VFR - Finland
044DA12094 VFR - France
044FA12094 VFR - Germany
044KI12094 VFR - Greece
044GA12066 VFR - Italy and Malta
044JA12046 VFR - Netherlands
044DA12074 VFR - Norway
044GI12046 VFR - Poland
044DA12066 VFR - Portugal
044BA12090 VFR - Scandinavia
044BA12082 VFR - Southern Europe
044KA12082 VFR - Spain
044KA12090 VFR - Sweden
044MA12094 VFR - Switzerland
044GE12066 VFR - United Kingdom
044BE12082 VFR - United Kingdom & Ireland
044KK12079 Venezuela
044BJ12083 World - Basic
044BB12095 World - Basic (Airport Diagrams)
040KF08353 Xpress USA - California
044KB12073 Xpress USA - Central
045KB10669 Xpress USA - East
044KN12077 Xpress USA - East Central
040GB08365 Xpress USA - Florida
044GN12077 Xpress USA - Great Lakes
044DN12077 Xpress USA - Michigan
042GB11437 Xpress USA - Mid South
044KJ12069 Xpress USA - North Central
042KB11437 Xpress USA - Northeast
045GF10657 Xpress USA - Northwest
044GN12065 Xpress USA - South Central
047GB10989 Xpress USA - Southeast
042KF11425 Xpress USA - Southwest
044DN12065 Xpress USA - Texas
044KF12077 Xpress USA - West Central

Requirements: Installed JeppView WINDOWS 2000 SP3 or WINDOWS XP SP2 or XP Tablet PC Edition RAM 256 Mb, CPU 500 MHz

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